LASD 81 Tang Sight

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LASD 81 Tang Sight

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Many years ago I picked up an LASD Rem 81 Special Police. My rifle is #6 and when I received it was equipped with a Tang Sight. The consensus was that this sight was added after the rifle left LASD service, but tonight I stumbled upon a photo of LASD rifle #28 that had a similar tang sight. The ad (it’s an old ad, and the weapon is listed as SOLD) indicated the rifle was purchased from the LASD in 1973 and was sold to an advanced collector. I suspect that someone identified as an “advanced collector” wouldn’t slap a tang sight on the back of his unadulterated rifle. This got me to wondering if any other LASD Special Police guns were found with tang sights as well? Perhaps this was an armorer’s addition for some of the rifles in the LASD inventory?
Anyway, just an observation during an extended session of Quarantine internet surfing .
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Re: LASD 81 Tang Sight

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Great questions. I went and looked at photos of 28 LASD rifles that I've got on file. Only 2 had tang sights, one of which was yours. The other was questionable because it had been sold twice and one photo it had a tang sight, the other it didn't. Looking at the most original examples, they do not have tang sights nor marks on the receiver to suggest they ever had tang sights. Not drawing any conclusions here, just sharing data!
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