New to me Remington Autoloading Rifle

Place your vintage Remington autoloader photo's here..
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New to me Remington Autoloading Rifle

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A friend of mine has owned this Remington model 8 for nearly 60 years. He believes his grandfather purchased it new, who gave it to his dad, who gave it to him. It was originally chambered in 35 Remington, but he had it converted to 300 savage at some point in the 1960s. The serial number puts it as early 1910 production. It also has a marbles peepsight. I’ve had the action apart for an inspection, cleaning, and light oiling and all appears to be happy and good inside. I have a couple rounds of 300 savage and hope to work it out soon to really function test it. I plan to replace the rear action spring and spring plug with one from Art’s gun shop as I believe the wood plug is original; it and the pin have seen better days and it probably deserves a couple new springs after 112 years…

When I picked up my Remington model 11 a little bit ago I mentioned to him that I was well on my way to completing a Remington Browning collection and, seeing as I have a Remington model 24, all I would need is a model 8 rifle and a model 17 shotgun. Well, he said I happen to have a model 8 I’ll bring it to the next match for you to check out. See if you like it.

Folks… He gave me the damn rifle! He said none of his kids are interested in it (he’s got plenty of guns and the kids and grandkids all shoot, they just didn’t have a desire for the old Remington) and I don’t want to go to some flipper and hell it’s probably not worth anything anyway. I think you would like it so you can have it; put it in your truck.

So here it is, a nice old cool rifle with a great story in a useful caliber that’s never gonna be for sale. Can’t wait to work it out at the range and eventually I hope to take a caribou with it.
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Re: New to me Remington Autoloading Rifle

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Re: New to me Remington Autoloading Rifle

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Cool gun and an even cooler story!

Real neat it has the very early barrel shroud that has the hand engraved caliber. Someone needed new parts and took what they could get or wanted to make it 300 savage.
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Re: New to me Remington Autoloading Rifle

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Wow, what a generous friend. I'd be stunned too. I don't know what your face even looks like, but I bet it was shock, awe, joy all mixed up in one when you heard it's yours. Wow, congrats!
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