** VERY Rare Photo - 5 Model 81D's!!

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** VERY Rare Photo - 5 Model 81D's!!

Post by 81police »

What a sight to see! There were only 13 or so of these Model 81 "D" grades ever made. Here's a large percentage of them in ONE collection.

THANKS to forum member JACK1653 for sharing this cool photo with us!
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Cam Woodall
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Re: ** VERY Rare Photo - 5 Model 81D's!!

Post by jack1653 »

Hey Guys,

I can’t help it, but I am proud of these rifles. 81police says that there are only 13 of the model 81-D and I am lucky enough to have 5 of these rifles. The last rifle to be added to the collection came from tha auction on Gun Broker. It is the top rifle in the picture. I knew the seller and I had bought rifles from his collection in the past. This rifle is the earliest that I have seen and was made in 1937. The rifle had been sent back to the factory for repair or alteration. This rifle is a 35 and the other four I have are 300 Savage. The stock is not the original stock to the rifle and that was disclosed by the seller. It also has had a Red Head recoil pad added. This is a great addition to the collection.

The next rifle from the top has been customized. It has a Krieger style removable magazine. The safety has been changed to a Browning A-5 style and the workmanship is very good. Another Forum member helped me acquire this fine rifle.

The second and third rifles came from another Forum member several years ago. They are in very good condition and were the 2nd and 3rd rifles in this set.

The bottom rifle in the picture came from the Walter Sanford estate and was sold on Gun Broker many years ago. This rifle came with papers from Remington and had never been fired. The rifle is in mint condition and is among the better rifles in my collection.

I hope you enjoy the picture.


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Re: ** VERY Rare Photo - 5 Model 81D's!!

Post by S and S HUNTCLUB »

These sure are a nice collection of Model 81 D Grades. I'm surprised that this post didn't get more traction.
I remember back when Jack bought the Model 81-D from the Sanford Estate.
I remember calling Jack on the phone right before the GunBroker auction was ending and Jack was working on his hot tub.
Jack ended up snagging it with just one bid, if I remember correctly, as the other bidder didn't come back with another bid.
For those of you that don't know the Walt Sanford name, he was the man that started Arcadia Machine and Tool company or commonly known as AMT in the firearm collector world. He produced stainless steel versions of many popular firearms like the 1911 and others, in Irwindale, California and also other models that he designed and produced himself.
The AMT Irwindale Firearms are sought after by Collector's today and they all bring a "high dollar price" at auction.
Walt Sanford was a "High End Collector" of Rare and hard to find firearms by numerous manufacturers.
He also collected other rare pieces of history, like Tiffany Lamps and Bronze Statues.
I only know this by watching the items that his son listed on Gunbroker from his Dad's estate after he passed away.

Jack was very fortunate to be able to acquire the Remington Model 81 D-Grade from the Sanford Estate, as it is an absolutely beautiful find and a rare piece of Remington history.

Jack has a keen eye for Rare and Collectable firearms and just like Walter Sanford... Jack has acquired one heck of a nice collection of beautiful firearms.

These engraved Model 81's are truly works of art and they have gained traction in the collector market.
Finding a Remington Model 81 engraved rifle is extremely hard to find folks and much more rare in my opinion, than the some of the Winchester engraved firearms that are bringing extremely high dollars at auction... but, I'm biased because of my passion for the Remington's.

From my recent conversations with Cam (81 Police) site administrator here on the Great8 site, I believe only "SIXTEEN" Model 81 D Grades have surfaced to date, only "TWO" Model 81 E Grades and only "THREE" Model F Grades have been recorded in the Great8 / Remington Society records.

That's only TWENTY ONE Engraved Remington Model 81's that are known to exist today!!!

With 56,000+ Remington Model 81 Woodsmaster rifles produced and only Twenty One Engraved Remington Model 81 Woodsmaster Autoloading Rifles in existence today! WOW!!!

Think about that for a moment folks and let that sink in!

Thanks for sharing the picture and the story Jack.
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Re: ** VERY Rare Photo - 5 Model 81D's!!

Post by 54bullseye »

Beautiful collection for sure !! I wish you could post a few close ups of each side of receiver on these guns as you can't really make out the beautiful engraving at that distance. Very nice !!
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Re: ** VERY Rare Photo - 5 Model 81D's!!

Post by MinnesotaDan »

That is an absolutely fantastic collection of really, really, rare and beautiful rifles. Thank you for sharing those photos, Jack.

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Re: ** VERY Rare Photo - 5 Model 81D's!!

Post by canuck »

Fantastic Jack!
I keep trying to catch up but cant seem to get there!!
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Re: ** VERY Rare Photo - 5 Model 81D's!!

Post by Ray Newman »

Be still my heart!
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