DIY Tools for Model 8 Disassembly

Information on Malfunctions and Care of your Model 8 & 81
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DIY Tools for Model 8 Disassembly

Post by fritz1255 »

I have seen pictures of home made tools for disassembly of the Model 8/81 rifle, specifically the spanners needed to remove and install the barrel nut and the barrel jacket bushing. Can anyone steer me to diagrams and/or instructions for fabrication? The spanner to remove the barrel nut looks like it could be commercially available, but from where?

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Re: DIY Tools for Model 8 Disassembly

Post by S and S HUNTCLUB »

If you're looking for a great "all around" disassembly tool for the Remington Model 8, Model 81 or FN 1900, then here's a link to one that a fellow Remington Enthusiast makes. These are very limited production runs and well worth the investment.

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Re: DIY Tools for Model 8 Disassembly

Post by Rifleman »

The tool Bob at S&S posted are effective, but pricey. Do a search here on the forum and you'll find a number of alternatives members have come up with, mostly at a cheaper price. I bought a tool made by member ROBOPUMP around four years ago. Can't say if he is still offering them, PM him and see. Way Way Way cheaper than the GunBroker tool and just as effective. I've taken down two 81 barrels several times very effectively. Using Robo's tool a slightly different method is used vs using a tool such as the one on GB, but the result is the same.

There were a few tools listed in the 'For Sale' section at one time, not certain if any are still available. Whatever tool ya come up with, read as much as you can on the barrel, springs, shroud function, disassembly, and assembly before taking a 8/81 unit apart. Makes for a 'more harmonious outcome' and less frustration when tackling the unit.

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Re: DIY Tools for Model 8 Disassembly

Post by fechnerj »

Depending on your level of "craftmanship" I made a basic set of tools for disassembly of my .25 Model 8. Check out my posts for details but basicly requires a socket that fits the OD of the barrel, rachet wrench, hacksaw, a piece of 1/8 X 1 X 2 inch flatbar, and some Dremel grinding.
Worked good for me.

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