Greetings from Oregon

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Greetings from Oregon

Post by P7M13 »

Engineer in the west suburbs of Portland. Love this state, hate its politics.
I'm a year into the Model 81 and love it. Recently picked up a Model 8 also. I reload for and shoot both regularly using hard cast bullets. Life is good.

My two: https://thegreatmodel8.remingtonsociety ... 2005aeadcd

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Re: Greetings from Oregon

Post by 81police »

So glad you found us and WELCOME!
Cam Woodall
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Re: Greetings from Oregon

Post by Rifleman »

Welcome to the forum P7M13. Have friends and relatives in all three Pacific coast states and they all tell of their state's beauty but rotten liberal state govt's. Sad, hopefully they well all three turn around some day. Love the 8/81's also, fell in love with them as a kid seeing pics, ads, and stories about them back in the late 50's and in the early 60's. Enjoy rifles of yesteryear (Sav 99's, military bolt actions) more than modern offerings. Have three 81's, two in 300 Savage and one in 35 Rem. Love to shoot, sad I can't hunt with them in my state (Iowa) as firearm deer seasons are muzzleloaders, shotgun, and a few DNR approved straight wall cartridges. Oh well, waterfilled milk jugs, steel gallon cans, chunks of lime rock, and assorted other targets catch it at various yardage. Nice lookin pair of Remington's.

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Re: Greetings from Oregon

Post by Hibby83 »

Welcome to the forum.

You have some good ol' firepower on tap with those two!

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Re: Greetings from Oregon

Post by MinnesotaDan »


Off topic, but to your point of not being able to hunt with your rifles in Iowa, 35 Remington is now a legal deer cartridge in Iowa! I am going to use my Model 8 in 35 this season. Happy hunting.

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Re: Greetings from Oregon

Post by Roger »

Hey fellas, I’m a lifelong resident of Iowa. Until recently, Rifleman was correct except for the late bonus doe season. It was for some southern Iowa counties in mid to late January. I grew up in that area and we hunted that season every year,for about 8 years. I shot many deer with my old rifles,using them for the reason they were invented. We in our group were quite disappointed when our Dnr stopped it.Thank goodness,they have finally changed the laws. I can’t hunt anymore,but sons surely can.
Sorry for hijacking this thread.

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Re: Greetings from Oregon

Post by fechnerj »

Slighly off subject but I have enjoyed Oregon fishing adventures at the Deschutes River and at the Grindstone Lakes in Central Oregon. Vacationed a lot in Central Oregon. Spokane is home and the politics for the most part divide at the Cascade mountains so we enjoy that insulation factor. Seattle be crazy.

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