Another Great John Browning Design

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Another Great John Browning Design

Post by Sarge756 »

While I was helping Jack get a scope for his FN I finished a project that had been put aside for several years. The polish and blue were done 4 or 5 years ago and been waiting on me to do the wood. It is my favorite John Browning design shotgun, a Sears "Ranger" 16 gauge aka Stevens 520, This one was made about 1930. Got motivated to finish it when a friend gifted me a case of 16 ga shells. Dove season opens here soon.
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Re: Another Great John Browning Design

Post by Hibby83 »

Very cool shotgun!

I have one in the same configuration myself, it's a Montgomery Wards Western field 16 gauge with the same safety.

At one point I had 2 12's, a 16 and a 20. I sold all but the 16. All were monty's, the one 12 and 20 were tang safety.

An old coworker had a early Stevens 520 that I sold mine to.

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