One restored and one converted

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One restored and one converted

Post by Sarge756 »

Couple weeks back I posted about finding a blessing under the buttplate of a 141. I was taking it apart because during reassembly of an early (1914) Model14 in 32 Rem chambering , the trigger assembly was giving me a fit. Wanted to compare with the later 141 to try and solve the problem. With that and assist from Jim Peterson, on the Remington Society forum, I got it back together with no parts left over. When this rifle arrived the wood and metal were both rough and well worn. A "Bubba" had drilled a multitude of holes in the side of the receiver. Don`t know if a scope mount was the intention or reducing the weight of the rifle a few ounces. I actually was happy that it had been done because with my aged eyes scopes are necessary. If it had been untouched I would not have considered it. Can`t bring myself to drill holes in old guns.Luckily I had a Griffin&Howe side plate and mount for flat sided receivers . It covered most of the holes leaving just two that were fitted with plug screws. A full polish and rust blue was done and the wood was refinished. I have a lifetime supply of 32 components and really looking forward to enjoying another trombone rifle. The "Converted" rifle pictured with the 14 is a 742 Remington in 280 Rem. This was my first center-fire rifle I`ve had since H,S, The round count finally caught up with the soft steel of the receiver and it became a jamamatic. With my history with it decided to assemble the parts and convert it to a slide-action ala 760. Metal on it is original with wood getting a facelift few years back. It shoots just as accurately as it did when it was a semi but I have to remember to work the slide now.
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Re: One restored and one converted

Post by 81police »

That's a pair of beautiful Remington's! That 14 looks so awesome with the mount & scope. I love proper vintage mounts and vintage scopes on these older rifles. They have a look to them that's unique. Thanks for sharing the story!
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Re: One restored and one converted

Post by 54bullseye »

I agree with Sarge756 on not drilling holes in a beautiful old rifle but if there already there you might as well make the best of it ! Two nice old Remington's for sure !! Thanks for showing them ! John Taylor

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