reloading remington 30 cal.

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reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by roger2021 »

i am new here i just bought a Remington model 8 in 30 came with some rounds but i am looking for information about reloading them.where can i get the brass and primers and all other information about reloading.thank you

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by Hardrada55 »

First thing you need to do is find a source of brass cartridge cases for .30 Remington. The major ammo companies stopped selling loaded .30 Remington cartridges in 1997. Graf's used to sell brass for about a buck apiece, but I think they're out of stock. Some other companies like Midway or Old Western Scrounger may have some brass cases for .30 Remington. You probably need to get reloading manual and do some online research on various appropriate reloading loads for .30 Remington. .30 Remington is similar to a rimless .30-30 Winchester and bullets and powder and ballistics are very similar. I think the only real difference between the two (.30 Rem. and .30-30) besides a slightly different shape of the case, is that the .30 Remington in a bolt action or the Remington model 8 and 81 can use a pointed bullet. I don't think a pointed bullet is recommended for use in the pump action Remington 14 or 141 or the Stevens 425 lever action rifle. With persistence and some sleuthing, you can find brass and reloading dies for .30 Remington and maybe a Lee Loader in .30 Remington. I use a 150 or 170 grain round or flat nose bullet with an appropriate charge of IMR 3031 powder. These old guns are getting pretty old and there is such a thing as metal fatigue, so be judicious in your choice of cartridge loadings for these wonderful old firearms.
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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by roger2021 »

thank you for the information i have started looking for brass i have read that i can use the same formula as the 30-30 win.

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by Mikeshoe72 »

Be somewhat careful with bullet selection. Most 30/30 bullets have canelure in wrong place for proper cartridge OAL. However, I’ve run into problems in the 30 Rem in my model 14 pump, my 8 and 81 are more forgiving in regards to OAL. I’ve been loading the 30 Rem for 20 years and I sure wish brass was easier to find! I bought 500 Remington brand unprimed new brass in 2001 for $150!!! The good ole days, right?

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by kenhwind »

Graf & Sons sells brass:
Out of Stock: ... goryId/742?

The Hornady 30-30 bullet works just fine in the Model 8, but is too long for the Model 14.
I found that out when we acquired a Model 14 32 Rem. The Speer bullet works good.

I bought Redding dies, but RCBS might make them CH4D does also.

Most 30-30 Winchester data is comparable to the 30 Remington.

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by DWalt »

If you have access to a small lathe, it is fairly simple to make .30 Rem cases from .30-30 brass. Just turn back the rim diameter and cut an extraction groove. You can use .30-30 dies to re-load, but do not run the cases all the way in, maybe short by around 1/4". Cases will fire form on the first shot. It takes me around 10 minutes per case to make. However, I have a fairly good supply of original .30 Rem brass already so I haven't made any .30 Rem cases for several years.

I shoot my Model 81s mainly, in .300 Savage. Very easy to re-form .308/7.62 NATO cases to .300 Savage. One pass through a .300 FL sizing die, then shorten the case neck to length. I have made hundreds of .300 Savage cases that way.

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by RustySears »

Grafs has 32 rem which can be resized for 30 rem in a 30 rem fl die.

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by Bill in Oregon »

And Midway had RCBS .30 Rem dies for $40 as of Dec. 11.

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by gilly5623 »

If resizing 32 brass to 30 should the case be annealed?

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by MinnesotaDan »

For some reason, that 32 Remington brass from Graf's seems to split at the neck. I would anneal it,and even then, you may get a couple that split.

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by Rifleman »

Check out the discussion on the Troubleshooting/Maintenace section here on the forum. 6th thread from the top. Member having same problem with 32 Remington from Graf's. I posted some info that Graf's gave me recently on where they get their older brass calibers from.

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Re: reloading remington 30 cal.

Post by RedFlannelCap »

30.0 gr of IMR 4985 behind a 150 gr soft point works like a champ. Low recoil no signs of pressure.

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