Disassembly VIDEOS

May 4th, 2011 by admin

Rifle Disassembly

This is good video tutorial for the disassembly of the Model 8 or 81. In most cases a complete disassembly such as this is not necessary unless there is a mechanical failure or your rifle is extremely dirty.  As with any firearm, if you are uncertain contact a reputable gunsmith who has experience with the Model 8 & 81 such as the one below.



Thank you to Jim Green for the use of your video.



Barrel Assembly Takedown

Bob with Circle B Ranch demonstrates proper barrel assembly takedown using both a reproduction spanner wrench and his own custom Pro-Tool set. For inquiries regarding these tools please contact Bob at circlebranch@cox.net

Barrel takedown using a Spanner Wrench

Barrel takedown using a Pro-Tools set


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