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August 4th, 2011 by admin

Welcome to the Great Model 8 website!

John Browning’s Fifth Long Recoil Patent

Our endeavor here is to preserve the history of the Remington Model 8, 81, and Fabrique Nationale Model 1900 autoloading rifles. This site is for the people that picked up their first Model 8 & 81 that Grandpa left them or those who have been collecting these “springpoles” for decades. It’s for the person that takes his Model 8 or 81 hunting every year or just loves sitting down and appreciating the genius of John Moses Browning. It’s for anyone pursuing information about these great rifles.


The story of our website began years ago, with Remington nut Richard Jones. At a very early age Richard was exposed to these Remington rifles, hunting with his father’s cousin J.B. Brimhall in the woods of North Texas with a Model 81. As the rifles became more collectible, and as the years passed by, Richard noticed that online resources for the Model 8 & 81 were nonexistent. Consequently he began an online talk forum so that enthusiasts could discuss their beloved autoloaders and share their knowledge about them. To his amazement, the talk forum grew exponentially with members from all over the world. In the summer of 2009, with the assistance of Remington Society of America member David Fagan, the The Great Model 8 was started.


The information on this website is a collective effort of many people. We would like to recognize several for their contributions, past and present.


Bob Creamer, Corey Creamer, John Henwood , Pete Verschneider, Mitch Silvers, Tom Ramsey, Walt Shipman, Robert Arms, John Buzynski, Robert Vinning, Larry Lofton, Noel Cormack, Ken Blauch, Bob Breuninger, and Jack Ahlberg



We here at the Great Model 8 hope you enjoy this site and that it helps carry the appreciation of the Model 8 and 81 to many generations to come!

God bless,

The Great Model 8

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