Rear barrel sight removal difficulty:

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Rear barrel sight removal difficulty:

Post by tallen702 »

Good evening everyone.

I recently secured a Marbles R6 tang sight for my model 8. In putting it on the rifle, I've found that the stock barrel-mounted rear sight is in the way of the front post. I have a vintage Marbles fold-down sight on the way to replace the stock rear sight with, but I've run into an issue when removing said stock rear sight. I've removed both screws, but the sight doesn't come free. It wiggles a bit, but won't come free from the mounting block and jacket. Any suggestions of what may be prevening the removal? Thanks!

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Re: Rear barrel sight removal difficulty:

Post by Hibby83 »

Hello tallen702

Congratulations finding the sight options you were after. The tang mounted peeps look classy on the 8/81’s.

As far as removal of the barrel mounted rear. I’d suggest using some oil around it and gently lift continue to work it upwards. Oil and work it for a few days if you’re worried, shouldn't be any rush.The amount of force needed shouldn’t be much but use common sense and know your limits on when to stop before damaging components. I doubt there was use of bonding material, but if there’s evidence of such I’d consult with a gunsmith.

When you get your new sight lineup post a photo if you don’t mind. I’m sure other members would like to see, along with myself.

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Re: Rear barrel sight removal difficulty:

Post by Rp5232 »

I'm in need of a stock rear sight fo my newly acquired model 8 if you no longer have a use for it

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