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FBI stuff available for restorations

Post by Phyrbird » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:12 pm

Ladies & Gents,
I recently fell into a windfall. I've been pursuing an FBI model for years with no luck here in SOKY. Bidding has not worked due to cash flow, always under. But I had a run of luck. :mrgreen:
I have received 4 ea barrel assemblies with distinctive FBI characteristics. :D Three are the early model, with no rear sight block or the holes, one may be a late model with no rear sight block, it has holes. So far all have the stamped numbers on the bbl block characteristic of FBI models. The early ones all have the FBI front sight, all 4 :o have the FBI take down screw, lever, lock washer, & "E" washer. All are 30Rem.
I plan to do at least one restoration using original parts with original finish. I have trigger guard assys, bolt assys, 41ATs for the sights, plus an extra takedown lever. If I can document the origin of the late model it would be cool I think to restore it.
There will be considerable cleaning to do before anything is available. :? Lots of varnish & stuff. However, at least 2 of these will be available. The cleaning will require disassembly, so perhaps individual parts could be available. I would think our purists may prefer to keep the assemblies together. I will till someone Reaallyy needs a piece.
:arrow: Please understand these are actual FBI originals and valued as such. :!:
Soon as cleaning is done Pics will follow.
Stuff I will need / trade for: ;)
A bare FBI M81 receiver, perhaps some of the side screws. it should be drilled for the 41AT sight.
Or a receiver ser# 22xxx (same screws) not drilled for 41AT sight
Tang screw for the M81 (please in good shape, I don't have a thread chaser)
Trigger group screw
A front hook type sling eye
Front & rear stocks
M81 butt plate, steel, it would be nice to match the receiver.
Wish me luck while I'm hibernating during our current times.

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