Markings that shouldn't be?

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Markings that shouldn't be?

Post by GrampyTom » Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:28 pm

Hi, Guys.
On page 11 of the latest edition of the journal, 2Q 2019, I had a mystery solved; that crazy Q with two legs I puzzled over is a two leafed apple. So far, so good...... The info about the dates this mark was used has opened a whole new mystery.......My 81D has not just one, but two of these fruity entities stamped side-by-side with an illegible character next to them that looks kinda like a shamrock with a couple of berries under the bottom leaves...........The real mystery here is that this is not a 1925-1928 model 8 rifle, it is an 81D dates from 1948! I love this stuff! Anybody have any ideas what's up? One thing over 60 years of collecting have taught me is that the "rules" have many unexpected exceptions.
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Re: Markings that shouldn't be?

Post by 81police » Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:09 pm

Hi GrampyTom,

For one, love your 81D. I keep a database on existing 81D (very few of them) and Id love to know yours to see where it fits into the range!!!

Those markings are fitters/inspectors stamps. For normal rifles they would have been located at the bottom of the receiver, but for a grade level such as yours they wanted to keep everything clean and as much room for engraving so they could, so they moved them under the forearm.
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