35 Rem tomato stake barrel

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35 Rem tomato stake barrel

Post by uhjohnson » Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:24 am

I have a 35 Rem barrel that is too crusted to shoot, is it possible to rechamber it to another caliber that won't tear up the gun. What I had in mind was opening the 35 to a .375 and keep the loads reduced to just cycle the action. After I opened it, it reminded me of the 35 Herrett with a very small shoulder to headspace on, I don't know if I would need more shoulder for a semiauto. Is there a caliber that someone has opened the 35 to. The cartridge on the left is the 35 Herrett made from a 30-30 case (notice the little shoulder to headspace on) and on the right is the 35 Rem opened to a 375. I am hoping to give one more life to this barrel
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