FN MODEL 1900 #856 ...

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FN MODEL 1900 #856 ...

Post by rem81auto »

Has survived but barely... pretty nice huh ?? :shock: :lol: . I bought this last week. I seem to be on a crusade to save these relics one by one. I am into it pretty cheap and I think I might throw afew $$$ at it and make it a shooter. I just can't leave it as is. Dennis
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Re: FN MODEL 1900 #856 ...

Post by 81police »

I think that's a great find! I think an FN 1900 in any shape is collectible. Perfect shooter canidate.

You could always use an original Browning A5 pressed horn buttplate to replace what's missing.

Thanks for the pics.
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Re: FN MODEL 1900 #856 ...

Post by imfuncity »

I'm way into the Picasso "Run-Varnish-Run" motif, make you the same deal as on the Kreiger! :twisted:

Do you always wear a mask when you buys guns!! ;) Great find.
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