Some recent finds

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Some recent finds

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Here's a few pics of some recent finds. The 81 in 300 Sav is really really nice with a Krieger conversion. >>>>>I need some input from you guys on the cartouche on the buttstock the cartouche it is a very fancy JH<<<<<<. I suspect it's from the original owner but maybe someone knows different ... next a nice full box of Rem 32's ... and last but not least 3 new Marble's 8 or 81 rear sights w/ original envelopes. Dennis

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Re: Some recent finds

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You always snag the good stuff!

That's a fine looking Krieger you picked up. I've never seen a marking like that in a stock before, it looks really nice though.
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Re: Some recent finds

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That is a beautiful weapon. Even in a photograph where flash glare makes it hard to tell (I have to use a photo tent when I take photographs of weapons) you can tell the blue on it is pristine.

Has anyone thought of making a registry of these weapons, with pictures and first three serial number digits? One thing I am finding is that they are almost custom, even the lowest grade.

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