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D Grade Model 8

Post by Sarge756 »

Thought a follow-up on my For Sale listing of my D-Grade "Sophie" would be in order. Minnesota Dan reached out and "Sophie" now resides in the far North. Dan and I have traded emails and messages back and forth concerning the rifle and different loads for 35Rem. Has been good to exchange information and make a new friend.
Dan may be shy about his shooting prowess so I`m posting here a copy of one of his missives and photo of a target he shot while dialing in the sights. So good to have a rifle that I cared for have a good home and someone that will use and enjoy.

Here`s the last five shots after I drifted the front sight a bit and adjusted my hold a couple inches lower. 19 grains of Alliant 2400 powder and a 215 grain cast lead gas checked bullet. Ol`Sophie shoots pretty well ! The cast load has very little recoil and should be easy on the old rifle.
I filled the receiver holes with a couple plug screws that I cut short to not impede the action. Looks nice.
Lots of fun. Thanks."
sophie target.jpg
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Re: D Grade Model 8

Post by Roger »

Hey Sarge,
It’s great to hear from you about our fellow member,Minnesota Dan. I’ve had some in person meetings with him,and countless phone and text conversations with him. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. And obviously a good shot. I know from my own reloading and testing,that it’s possible to shoot some decent targets with these old Remingtons. Dan and I had some great buy,sell,trade sessions,right here in Iowa. Even during this COVID-19 mess that we’re going through. Masks were used before we had our shots on the first time.
Second time we felt comfortable without them after having our vaccinations.
He was a real pleasure to deal with.
Thanks for your time

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Re: D Grade Model 8

Post by MinnesotaDan »

Thanks for the kind words, Joe and Roger. Maybe the best thing about collecting firearms is the great people that you get to meet. You were both great to deal with and I feel very privileged to have met you and been allowed to purchase some fine John Browning autoloaders from you.

In the interest of full of disclosure, that group was shot from a bench rest at 50 yards.

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