Help with barrel jacket bushing removal

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Help with barrel jacket bushing removal

Post by uhjohnson »

I have three barrel assemblies and I cannot get the bjb's off. I have the flip tool for both the barrel nut and bjb. I broke the bjb's side and had another made and will only use it on bushings that I have freed up.I have been soaking the bushings in kroll for months and have heated them to the point of licking my finger and it sizzless to the touch. After soaking I have been using a ruler out of a machinists square and a 16 inch adjustable wrench to no avail. If I had an infrared thermometer, what would be a safe temperature to heat the jacket to.
If I can't get it with anyones suggestion should I cut the bjb from the inside. I just bought 3 NOS bushings of of ebay. :idea:
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Re: Help with barrel jacket bushing removal

Post by kenhwind »

The biggest problem with heating the barrel jacket is it soften the solder under the front sight base.

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Re: Help with barrel jacket bushing removal

Post by Fred »

I'd have a tool like this one made out of a grade-8 nut and use heat plus an impact wrench on the bushing to free it up. If all else fails, then anyone with a lathe can cut the bushing out instead.

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Re: Help with barrel jacket bushing removal

Post by Phyrbird »

I'm pretty certain the sight block is brazed. It would likely cause scale from heat to remove. I have one some nitwit removed, toasty. Another option for the removal could be to use some medical freeze R134 to cool the barrel bushing after heating the sleeve. If that don't do it you may be in real trouble....

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Re: Help with barrel jacket bushing removal

Post by chas1949 »

here is a method I have used a couple of times to remove barrel jacket bushings that were rusted and could not be removed. This will however ruin the bushing.
Take a large pair of vise grips and clamp on the bushing at the notched ring as tight as possible. This will deflect the bushing enough for penetrant to creep into the threads. Repeat this at 90 degrees and allow to soak a bit. Use vise grips to attempt to turn bushing out being careful not to break small pin that keeps barrel jacket from turning in the barrel jacket head.

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