John Henwood's book

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John Henwood's book

Post by Roger »

Fellow members,
There is a copy of John Henwood's Model 8/81 book for sale this morning on gunbroker . Com I don't know how to post a link,but its under Remington model 8 in case anybody needs a copy of this invaluable book. It's under a guy from new Orleans named liftbag. The price is ridiculously low right now.Check it out. 7 day auction.
Thanks for your time,

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Re: John Henwood's book

Post by Hardrada55 »

Thanks Roger, He also says he has a 8 (or 81?) in 7.62x39. Which I think is a very interesting conversion. I asked him to post pictures and tell us about it.
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Re: John Henwood's book

Post by Sarge756 »

I looked on GB but couldn`t find it. Would be interested in the book but the 8 or 81 chambered in 7.62x39 would be of more interest. I know that we had a discussion here sometime back about using SKS barrels to accomplish this. Has been on back burner due to other projects but when I have the time would like to work toward putting one together. Have a pile of 7.62 x39 that I`d love to shoot out of an 8. If you could copy and paste the link to the listing on GB I`d appreciate it.
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Re: John Henwood's book

Post by rem81auto »

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Re: John Henwood's book

Post by 81police »

if anybody comes across photo's of his 7.62x39 Remington please share them here!
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Re: John Henwood's book

Post by imfuncity »

If a 7.62x39 ever happens with our 8/81, I want in.
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