Model 8 .25 Caliber Barrel Wanted For Project Rifle!

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Model 8 .25 Caliber Barrel Wanted For Project Rifle!

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I'm again posting and requesting help to find a Model 8, .25 caliber barrel with extension. I hope to find one with the matched/head spaced bolt assembly. If not, the barrel with good/better shootable bore, will do just fine. I'm working on a mock Trials Rifles for my winter project gun, among others. I will get help having pictures posted when completed and be happy to help others in their endeavors with projects any way I can!

Also looking for the "perverbial, needle in the haystack" 15 round magazine for another project gun. Can be in .30 or .35 cal., doesn't matter! Kreiger Conversions as well! Anyone have or know where I can find a Kreiger Conversioned trigger guard?

This is the greatest sight and all of you folks have been fantastic with helping one another everyway possible. In particular, 81 Police! Cam, we would be lost without your efforts! Cam contributes so much of himself, his time and expertise to this sight! I for one, commend him for all he does and, for all the help he has given each of us! There are many others who also contribute so much, and you all deserve a huge "Atta Boy" for making so much on this sight possible! I'm blessed and fortunate to have found the Great Model 8, all of the wonderful folks participating and be but a small part of it myself!

If I may be of help to anyone in any way, please feel free to contact me at: ""

Best to all!

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Re: Model 8 .25 Caliber Barrel Wanted For Project Rifle!

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It's truly the members that make this awesome website what it is. Thank you everybody that contributes and Remcrazy for your kind words. I intend for this site to be around for a long time!
Cam Woodall
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