Sighthounds Swedish FN

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Sighthounds Swedish FN

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(Copied this from his May 29 post)
I have one that came from Sweden via a Mormon Missionary that encountered the rifle during his church work there. The rifle had been awarded as a prize for winning a shooting contest and had had an engraved presentation plate attached to stock, the outline of which was still visible Unfortunately, the son of the winning marksman kept the plate which was engraved to read "First Place Marksmanship", or words to that effect, I made a new plate, transulated the wording into Swedish "Fosta Platz Markinshippin", had the plate engraved and attached where the original had been. Hope my transulation is reasonably accurate. The rifle is the later model with rib in 4000 serial range. Will try to get some pictures posted, the rifle is shown at the bottom of a post about some Military/Trials Model 8 Recreated rifles I made forends for to have lookalikes for my collection. Considering the low production numbers of 1900's you are very fortunate to have this many. In the US 35 Remington is the cartridge and apparently throught europe there is a variety of cartridge designations but mostly 9x 48 or 9x49mm. Does anyone have info on this? Thanks, sighthound
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Re: Sighthounds Swedish FN

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Hey Guys,

I want to thank sighthound for giving me the opportunity to give this beautiful rifle a new home. This rifle will have a special place among my collection and it is special because it came from Sweden. My Grandfather was born in Sweden and came to the USA when he was 8 years old. I know the rifle was made in Belgium, but for it to come from a country of my ancestors makes it special.

This is the 5th FN 1900 that I have and it is in the best condition. I will try and get some additional pictures to Mitch so that he can post them for others to see.

Merry Christmas to all of you.


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Re: Sighthounds Swedish FN

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What a winner! That's a gorgeous FN and having 5 of them is like having 100 Model 8's and 8's. Aside from the Police versions the FN's are my favorites.
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