FN 1900 on Gun Broker

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FN 1900 on Gun Broker

Post by Mikeshoe72 »

Saw this today on GB. Looks nice.

Will be interesting to see what this brings.


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Re: FN 1900 on Gun Broker

Post by 81police »

Thanks for sharing Mike.

Love the FN's. Even though this one has a few issues, including a reblue, I still think it will bring good money. These guns are collectible in almost any condition.
Cam Woodall
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Re: FN 1900 on Gun Broker

Post by Roger »

Hey fellow members,
I'll have to concur with Cam . This gun has been revoked and the color and sheen aren't even close to original FN Browning's. But it will bring alot even in this condition. But not from me.
Thanks for your time,

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Re: FN 1900 on Gun Broker

Post by Bandersnatch »

Unless mine eyes do deceive me, it is also missing an action screw, and so is missing at least one internal bolt locking part.
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Re: FN 1900 on Gun Broker

Post by ranman »

The length of pull looks to have been shortened and i think the butplate is to early for the serial number? Does anyone know the serial number the change of plates was made? This is only my speculation from a few pictures. A few issues but it is still an FN.

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Re: FN 1900 on Gun Broker

Post by curdog »

That poor old thing is a can of worms - it has suffered the ravages of being refinished by an "expert".
There are dished out screw holes from a buffing wheel, and it appears the rib is lifting, possibly caused by
a hot blue.
With a new screw, it would likely make a good shooter.

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