G.A. York Revisited

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G.A. York Revisited

Post by ikuturso » Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:06 am


Spent a splendid Sunday morning at the impressive Brünig Indoor shooting facilities. Took the FN along and fired a quick group at 100 meters. Ammunition was standard Remington 200-gr SP.

As the target only had a black dot in the center, I was holding at 6 o'clock. Some remarks:

- The stock is clearly designed for offhand shooting, not prone.
- The recoil is quite noticeable in this position.
- Accuracy was surprisingly good for a 91-year old rifle with a recoiling barrel. The electronic scoring system showed a two-inch group.
- The open sights are good and on target at 100 m. POI is right on the bead.

Good old Gregorius Agamemnon York was well-armed, indeed.

Aprés shooting, we retired to the excellent restaurant on the premises for a steak and a beer. Quite agreeable, I must say.
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Re: G.A. York Revisited

Post by 81police » Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:14 pm

Don't you wish that Belgian springpole could talk! I bet its seen some pretty country and a few driven animals as well!

Thanks for sharing your experience with the FN, you have a beauty there. And a shooter no less :shock: :shock:
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