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Address on FN receiver

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:23 pm
by MBiz
Hi everybody,
I am restoring a FN and I am trying to identify the font engraved on the receiver can someone help see attached picture. Thank you


Re: Address on FN receiver

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 7:50 am
by 81police
Hey Mbiz,

There are several "what font it is" websites that you can use to help identify. I ran one real quick like and came up with this.

Looks similar to Aviano slab or Clarendon, and I don't know much about fonts but one would imagine it being 100+ years old it might be a custom font.

As a side note, I've seen one FN (the very rare straight grip version) with a different font than other FN's.