What is this FN worth???????????????

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What is this FN worth???????????????

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It is coming up for auction this weekend near me:

http://www.auctionflex.com/showlot.ap?c ... n=&lang=En

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Re: What is this FN worth???????????????

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Worth or Value? Depends on the individual and condition. Have only seen 2 on internet auction, both went around $2300, guide books quote less, but my opinion of these books is while they do provide some information they are of limited use. Sighthound

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Re: What is this FN worth???????????????

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I don't give values but like to give ranges in which rifles sell and then give my personal, humble, opinion of what I think might add or detract from the value of the rifle.

The one picture I've seen up for auction before. The rifle doesn't look too bad, can't tell if its been reblued or not. Has the original buttplate according to the description. The two biggest hits to the value is the chip out of the wrist of the stock on the left side and the scope mounts. I have no clue what type of bases those are, I'm sure they're foreign and the top one appears to have required the drilling/tapping of the receiver (never a good thing).

That aside, it's still an FN and still collectible in any condition. I think anywhere between $1500-2000 isn't unreasonble considering what they've been selling for in the recent past.

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