Good one Got away

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Good one Got away

Post by Phyrbird »

Couldn't bid on this one, but it's Nice. :?

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Re: Good one Got away

Post by Hardrada55 »

Pretty dang nice...
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Re: Good one Got away

Post by kenhwind »

Didn't see that one. It would be nice to have, looked like it was in good condition.

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Re: Good one Got away

Post by uhjohnson »

We will preserve this one
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Re: Good one Got away

Post by Fred »

That sure is pretty. I'm not sure about $1900 pretty, but nice nonetheless. Makes me wonder how far another $1500 would get me and my M81. I'm not much of a collector so if I can build somethng for the same price as an 'off the rack' model I'd build vs. buy.

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