Sem Pistol Grip Model 8 availability and tang sight Q's

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Sem Pistol Grip Model 8 availability and tang sight Q's

Post by DirtyHarry44 »

I finally got my Remington model 81 in 35 Rem with side detach Weaver mount that houses a Weaver K4.
( will post pics soon after I figue out how ). Didn't come with a rear barrel sight so I first bought a Williams sight blank. (Love anything Williams as that is my last name).
Just today though I received a stock Remington rear sight which I promptly mounted.
I now believe iron sights are the way to go with these beauties. (Although having the option to mount a scope is a plus IMO). My only other plans for this rifle is a Williams FP-81 aperture sight our a folding tang aperture.
(What is the difference between the Lyman and Marbles tang sights, aka how do they work? Do the Lymans lock up and down with that lever with no spring in the setup? Marbles are locked in the down position then spring into place? Which is more popular?)
I guess what I'm getting at is I would like a tang sight that can be kept in its upright position to be used as the main and only rear sight. I saw a guy using a Marbles tang on a Marlin, and it had to be pushed back into position after each shot because the recoil knocked it back. Was it a weak spring perhaps?
That's why I'm leaning towards the Lyman if it can be locked into place, so I'm mot having to constantly keep pushing the sight back into place.
Another Q, does mounting the Redfield 102N with only just the one factory supplied receiver mount hole sufficient for light shooting? Or does the Redfield 102N absolutely need the extra mount hole D&T'd?

Lastly I've neen thinking I'd like a Remington Model 8 35Remington with the semi-pistolgrip stock and schnabel forend. Do these semi-pistolgrip Remingtons bring a premium? Anyone wanna trade a Model 81 35Rem for one?
Anyone got a semi-pistolgrip stock and accompanying trigger plate in their parts bin they wish to sell?
Anyone making new semi-pistolgrip stocks that I could buy and then source a trigger plate myself, or even mod an 8/81 trigger plate?

I plan on buying a Rem 8 30Rem standard stock rifle and a Rem 8 25Rem semi-pistolgrip stock rifle down the road sometime. The 30Rem shoudn't be a problem, but by the looks of things 25Rem's are starting to go up in price dramatically. Especially the semi-pistolgrip 25Rem's, saw one with a Redfield 102N go for over $1300 last week.

Even though I got the springpole bug the 32Rem doesn't appeal to me since it isn't too different from 30Rem. (Especially since I adore the 35Rem.) The 300Savage appealed at first, but I decided the 35Rem is better suited for this type of gun and 300Savage is better with other designs IMO. That's why I got a Savage 99 with Lyman aperture on the way, 300Savage should be for Savage guns only IMO. Plus it sparked an interest in a Savage 99 or Savage bolt gun in 250-3000.

Well sorry about the book, I got carried away due to being excited.
Any help with my Remington aperture and semi-pistolgrip Model 8 questions will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Sem Pistol Grip Model 8 availability and tang sight Q's

Post by kenhwind »

The tang sights and now the receiver sights are getting to be an expensive proposition for these rifles.
A Marble's R 6 tang sight just sold on eBay for $191.50, with most tang sights being listed for about $250.00 BIN.
A Redfield 102 N receiver sight just sold for $159.27.

I think that the only tang sights for the Model 8 & 81 that I am familar with is the Lyman.

Now as to the 102M you could probably shoot it some with just the main mounting hole, but it will more then likely loosen up. This is what I have on a Model 8 25-35 Remington as well as a Model 8 .30 Rem. The .30 came with the Redfield and has replacement wood, and is shown on this site. The 25 Remington came with the tang sight, a Lyman IIRC, and I had this one before the 30. I had a 102 N and put it on the 25 with a sight blank block, be cause I prefer this arrangement over the tang sight, which to be done properly you need a folding middle sight. Any way I believe when I put that 102 N on the 25 I had not drilled the second hole and the sight base just loosened up. But if you Remington is drilled for a scope mount another hole is not a value breaker unless the rifle is in exceptional condition.

The .300 Savage really is an after thought for the Model 81 to give the gun what is considered better ballistics. I find the 81 in .300 Savage to be brutal to shoot compared to the .35, which we have also.

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Re: Sem Pistol Grip Model 8 availability and tang sight Q's

Post by DirtyHarry44 »

Yep, I missed out on that Redfield 102N, I stopped at around $155.
If I am going to mount anything on the 81 it will be a Williams FP-81.
Just wondered about trying the 102N out before I go commiting it to a rifle.
Even if a virgin 8 or 81 needed drilled for something like a 102N, I don't really think the value of the rifle takes any hit.

Now my main interest is, do semi-pistolgrip Model 8's command more of a premium?
Or are they just more scarce and not going one way or another price wise?

As for the Lyman vs Marbles tang sights: I have zero knowledge about how these sights operate.
I'm basically wondering how they differ in locking down and being put into action.
I understand how the adjusting of the elevation works, just not the actual deployment of the tang sight.

Thanks for the help Ken.

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