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Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:47 pm
by DirtyHarry44
Got my eyes on a 81 in 35Rem, but I've been noticing 300Savage complete barrel assemblies being sold it various places. Wanted a 300Savage, but this 35 is too nice. Maybe a 300Savage in the future, unless i find out with this could work.
Is it possible to mount a 300Savage complete barrel assembly to a 35Rem to shoot 300Savage?
I know 300Savage and 35Rem use the same stripper clips, will the 35Rem bolt accept 300Savage rounds?
Will 300Savage fit the magazine of the 35Rem?
I wanted 300Savage first, but I found a 35Rem I like.
Bottom line is it possible after only adding a 300Savage complete barrel assembly would that allow my 35Rem receicer to allow 300Savage with a barrel assembly?
I'm somewhat new at this and have never came across a rifle like this in person.

P.S, any help would be greatly apprecited my frien.

Re: Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:56 pm
by Fred
Based on my experience with my 35 Rem M81 I can't see why you would not be able to swap barrels to a 300 savage with your existing rifle. The springs and bushings in the barrel jacket are the same as far as I've seen.

The headspacing might be slightly different but it'd be easy enough to check. If you hand-load headspace would be a virtual non-issue.

Re: Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:18 pm
by DirtyHarry44
I'm not even talking about taking apart the barrels and Frankensteining them.
You have a 35Rem receiver already broken down for transportation, then you take a complete 300Savage front end and twist it into the 35Rem receiver.
Now you have a 35Rem rear with a 300Savage front, would this work.

Are the 35Rem and 300Savage rims the same? (I know they both fit the same clip).

It's amazing, (but much more heart breaking) the take off parts being sold these days.
People are actually piecing out very nice rifles and ruining history for future generations in my eyes.

I guess my question boils down to does a 300Savage barrel assembly twisted onto a 35Rem rem receiver make the rifle a working 300Savage?

Sorry for all the questions I am new to the 8&81 world.

Re: Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:16 pm
by Fred
I meant the barrel assembly. Other than the potential headspace issue you should be able to swap interchangeably between 35 Rem and 300 Savage in the Model 81.

Re: Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:03 pm
by Phyrbird
If you check the SAAMI dimensions we find the 300S rim is about .006 larger than the 35R. I've 2 bolts for the 300S an the size is consistently larger.
We may be able to match a 35R to a 300S bolt; don't know but I plan to try it. The reverse I'm relatively sure would not allow the action to close.
Caution: :!: :!: Model 8 or 81 hammers will fall even with the bolt out of battery, if the firing pin is hit with a bolt not closed properly it could fire. A 300S case in a 35R bolt not closing would be unfortunate.....

Re: Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:31 pm
by DirtyHarry44
Yeah thanks for the advice guys.
Was just a "What if" I was kicking around after I noticed some stuff on "Fleabay".
While it is a good source for parts, anyone get sick to their stomach noticing how many people are parting out complete working rigs?
I mean come on! The stock of decent older rifles/pistols/etc. are disappearing at a fast rate, and you have these yahoos making the issue worse!

Saw some stripped receivers over on GB and thought maybe I could build an 8/81, but the cost/logistics would be a nightmare!
I'm new to the whole 8/81 scene, but I take it each rifle was individually fitted for the most part?

I guess I will just be looking for a 300Savage somewhere down the road, unless the PA Game Commission magically decides semi autos are ok for big game all of a sudden.
Although a 300Savage brother would be excellent for deer too, along with a Savage 99 in 300 just because.
Where will it end? LOL!

Re: Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:37 am
by chas1949
Per the Lee loading book the rim dia. of a .35 case is .460 while the 300 Sav is .473.
I have checked the bolt face dimensions on a 300 bolt which was .4755 and the .35 Rem was .463.

Numrick Arms also lists the .35 bolt and 300 bolt with different part numbers.

I personally would stick to the correct bolt for the caliber. If you want a 300 and already have a .35 M8 just change the bolt to the correct one for 300. The extractors are the same, marked 35.

Re: Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:33 pm
by Phyrbird
Just to throw a wrench in the works :o :lol: :
Propose a new wildcat; :idea: 35 Savage, take a 35Rem barrel, rechamber to the 300 Sav dimensions with the neck blown out to 357 or 358, use 300 Sav bolt, use 300 Sav springs, load for 180-200-220g projectiles. We could create a nice renovation for 35s, ballistics close to 358 Win, better than the 35 Rem & 32 Rem that are limited to 30-30 pressures, less recoil than the .308 Win, & it's a new toy to play with. :ugeek:
Who's got a $1K :oops: for the prototype, so we can start manufacturing bolt in replacement barrels to upgrade our Ladies that are no longer pristine collectable examples? There are dozens of barrel suppliers for the AR platforms, why not involve them in a doable upgrade?
Who knows the ammo factories are always looking for new wildcats to whizBang 8-) their lineup. We could get lucky.

Re: Model 81 35Rem with 300Savage barrel assembly.

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:59 pm
by kenhwind
I sometimes wonder why Remington didn't just use the .35 Remington as the parent case for the .25, .30, & .32 Remington rather then marketing what was or is essentially rimless version of the 25-35 WCF, 30-30 WCF, & .32 W.S.

I cannot help but think that with the slightly larger diameter case that slightly better ballistics could be achieved. But I guess the marketing appeal of competing directly with the Winchester Model 1894 was substantial.