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Rear sight replacements for 8/81 barrel.

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:36 am
by DirtyHarry44
Looking into getting a 81 300Savage, but an 81 35Rem caught my eye.
Good rifle overall except it is missing the rear barrel sight, checked on the Bay and 8/81 buckorhns are going for about $100.

My questing is are there any other rear sights that will work with the 8/81's?
One thing was those sliding ramp Williams sights that have two mounting holes since 8/81's are held on by two two screws on the barrel. The Williams adjustable rear sight mounting holes are 9/16ths apart.
Anyone who can measure the mountspacing spacing on their 8/81's barrels to see if a Williams rear sight will match?
I'm guessing if the spacing is right, I will have to measure a Williams shotgun rear sight as those ar for one inch diameter barrels which is the Remington'barrel jacket being one O.D.inch correct?

Anyone ele ever try something differnt for a 8/81 rear sight? I would love to see pics on different barrel sights that work great.

Sorry about the book, just trying to learn all I can. Remington 8/81's were nowhere on my raider ever than all of a sudden it was like I was seeing them for the first time.
This happens alot with me ond older stuff I don't want or need, till suddenly I find them irresistible.
Really don't want to drill extra holes, this is why I am trying to track down a real barrel sight (Preferably a Williams windage and height adjustable sight that will mount to the existing two screws on top of the barrel where the stock rear sight was at some point.
Like I said pics, information, and any help will be greatly appreciated felow Brothers and Sisters!
While I am new to the community I hope I can become a bigger member/friend/confidant/assest
Keep up the good work everyone.

Re: Rear sight replacements for 8/81 barrel.

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:38 pm
by DirtyHarry44
No ideas on a new replacement for a rear barrel sight?
I don't want to go adding any extra holes if I don't have to.
I figured something like those Williams windage and drift adjustable rear sights would be the ticket.
Especially if they mount right up.
Stock 8/81 rear barrel sights are going for $100, and the fold down kind $150.
Would like a no frills rear barrel sight for when I detach the Weaver scope mount, or as a back-up.

Re: Rear sight replacements for 8/81 barrel.

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:27 pm
by kenhwind
You can try and fine a dovetailed block for an 81.

A KING sight just sold for about $50.00 iirc. I was going to bid on it.

Re: Rear sight replacements for 8/81 barrel.

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:32 pm
by DirtyHarry44
I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to make a screw blank then dovetail that.
I was looking at those marble universal rear sights, the kind that slide on a angled base to adjust.
I would need to get one for a 1 inch shotgun barrel, then possibly drill new mounting holes.
Along with all that I got my eye on a stock style rear sight too.

Good news is I have shook hands with a fellow on GB. (Metaphorically speaking).
Put a 1947 81 in 35Rem on layaway, boy am I psyched!
Great condition with a Weaver detachable scope mount and a K4 and already slung.
Only downside is no rear barrel sight. Was looking at some peeps, and wholly hell!
Screw gold, y'all should've been hoarding these!
My 81 is drilled for an R6, but I think those Lyman geared deals look best.I'm just not sure how well the gear mechanism holds out on them an how hard it will be to aquire a decent one.

Lastly before joining the site I was planning on just getting a 35Rem, then decided the future holds a 300Savage for me as well.
Then today for some reason a No. 8 in 25Rem just seemed like a mighty fine small game and varmint piece.
Bad thing is I don't reload and about the only place to get 25Rem is Graff & Sons at a higher price tag.
Maybe it's as good a reason as any to get into reloading.

Re: Rear sight replacements for 8/81 barrel.

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:24 am
by kenhwind
Williams and Marbles, maybe even Lyman made a sight blank with the 5/8 hole spacing that screwed in place of the rear sight. They also made them for a folding sight. These show up on eBay listings occasionally. I like the receiver sight and was lucky enough to snag a couple on eBay. The guns I mounted them on were not in the kind of condition that would be detrimental by doing so.

We have my dad's Model 8-C in .35, a Model 81 in .300 Savage. I just recently acquired a Model 8 in .25-35 Rem and have a .32 Remington barrel assembly to go with it. I reload so for me it made more sense to buy the dies (ouch!) and Graf's brass.