Trying to determine value

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Trying to determine value

Post by FL410 »

I am a new member and new to the model 8-81.
I am trying to get some idea as to how to value ones I've seen and I have a couple examples.
The first is a 1948 model 81 on GunBroker that sold last Sunday. It appeared to be a standard model 81 and advertised in near mint condition. It sold for $1,425.00 It seams high however, it was in exceptional condition. If anyone saw it I would appreciate any comments. The second also a model 81 on GunBroker It's listed as a L. A. County Police rifle and the start price is $8,000.00 with a BuyNow at $9,500.00. Given the rarity is that a realistic price or not? Comments appreciated.

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Re: Trying to determine value

Post by SteveP1952 »


Also a new member and looking at auctions I would say that the 81 you refer to sold for top of the mark but it was truly exceptional. The floor I am seeing is about $500-600 for average rifles, but can go higher depending on condition and caliber. The police rifles are a whole different story, as they are much rarer. $8000 also seems like top of the mark though.

Hope that helps, would like to see some of the other members opinions who have been collecting these model 8 and 81's as to what the price trends are over the last 5 or so years. I think the model 8's are starting to get discovered and prices creeping up reflect that new interest and demand from collectors who previously were unaware of their historical significance.

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Re: Trying to determine value

Post by 81police »

Great observations guys. I also believe the overall popularity of these rifles is increasing and are becoming more and more collectible. The Police rifles are no exception, as there was once a time when you could buy them for $1500-2500 all day. Those days are long over if the seller knows what he has.

Likewise, these guns are between 67-111 years old (8's & 81's) and finding one in truly 95+% condition is becoming much less common, hence premium prices for premium guns.

As y'all mentioned, shooter guns are still reasonably priced and I hope that stays that way for sometime!
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Re: Trying to determine value

Post by doublecanister »

It seems like the going rate for a Model 8/81 in fine/collector condition is $800-1200. If it has any special features or deluxe stocks around $1500-2000. I was shocked that some standard rifles with no deluxe features were going for $2000-3000 a few weeks back.
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