Check out Handloader for 300Sav

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Check out Handloader for 300Sav

Post by Phyrbird »

Look what showed up on the magazine rack!! :)
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An update on the loading of 300 Sav and an article on reading pressures of loads. :ugeek:

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Re: Check out Handloader for 300Sav

Post by imfuncity »

Thanks - will be getting that one.
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Re: Check out Handloader for 300Sav

Post by norm »

I disagree with Wieland's assumptions about using heavier bullets than 150 gr. I have shot 195 gr. bullets and out to 200 yards there is no sign of instability.

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Re: Check out Handloader for 300Sav

Post by Sarge756 »

Norm and all,
Havn`t been able to find a copy on the rack anywhere so havn`t read it. I agree with you Norm. My "go to " load for the 300 Sav is a a 180 gr Core-lokt at around 2400. It doesn`t get much better than that for a deer stopper in their tracks.Taken several with that combo with 99 Savages out to 200 yards. Loaded some also with 190 gr Silvertips that I use in my 303 savage loading. That also makes a potent, accurate combo. Don`t know what experience the writer has with hunting situations but would not hesitate to take a 200 yard shot with either of those.
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Re: Check out Handloader for 300Sav

Post by Adam Lee »

Not that I have a dog in this hunt, so to speak, but I am just pleased to see mention of one of our/my fave .30 cal rounds in a recent mass-market gun magazine.

Thanks for providing your own experience with heavier-than-150 grain bullets, Norm & Joe.

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