The NRA's Special Police 81

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The NRA's Special Police 81

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In the NRA's exhibit "The Long Arm of the Law" you can view pictures of their Special Police Model 81 in .35Rem. Note it has mismatched serial numbers on the receiver and magazine. Very clean rifle. ... rifle.aspx
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Re: The NRA's Special Police 81

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If you visit the NRA museum it is over there on the right when you get down the entry hall. :)

A shame it gets such little play there. They had big vaults full of them at FBI Quantico back in the WWII era. I am sure many here have seen the old B&W FBI photo of the safe full of Tommy guns and Model 8s. Although rarely used or brought out, lots of little PDs around the US had one or two tucked away in a back room somewhere next to their B.A.R..

An old friend of mine was the son of an early FBI agent, and he became one too just before WWII. His dad had both a Tommy gun and a Model 8 in his house when he was a kid growing up. Later on when my friend was an Agent his supervisor kept one of the FBI Model 8s in the boot of his car and there were 4 or 5 others in their office.

[My friend (who disliked Hoover) quit the FBI when WWII began, joined the Army in hopes of fighting, and as soon as he finished OCS was reassigned as an Army liasion to FBI HQ and therefore soon found himself right back where he had left. When the war ended and he got his discharge he remained with the FBI for a few more years before moving on. Although he personally never shot a Model 8 in anger, he went through qualification with one and periodic familiarization firings of them over the years. When I acquired my own Model 81 in the 90s I brought it to him to look at and it brought back many memories to him.. ]

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