WRA Co. Remington Model 8 .32

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WRA Co. Remington Model 8 .32

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What do you guys make of this rifle? An early .32 Remington model 8 with WRA Co. engraved on the bottom of the magazine. Seller believes it to be a Winchester ammunition test gun.


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Re: WRA Co. Remington Model 8 .32

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Seems plausible. Be hard to prove I suppose unless Win kept records of such.
The seller is a good one, have bought from him before.

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Re: WRA Co. Remington Model 8 .32

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There is another Winchester owned Model 8 that was verified by Remington...it was a later gun #15093 in 35Rem and although the "WRA Co." was engraved in a different location, there have almost identical cursive font and arrangement of date engraved. I'd say this rifle is LEGIT.
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