NRA-American Rifleman Model 8

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NRA-American Rifleman Model 8

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Just received my February 2020 issue of NRA's magazine, 'The American Rifleman'. Pages 38-39, 'The Centerfold' of the issue has the Goodwin painting of 'A Grizzly Surprise' as its content. It's the one with a hunter armed with a Model 8 still half in his bedroll being surprised by a teed off 'Griz'. Short article by Mark Keefe (editor of AR) included. Good to see the 8 and 81's getting a little press time.

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Re: NRA-American Rifleman Model 8

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Thanks for the heads up. Just saw the centerfold picture & description you're talking about.

I like how Keefe said, "As for me in bear country, I might add the Peace Officer's Equipment Co aftermarket magazine, increasing capacity to 15 rounds" :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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