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Great Model 8 Handled

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Today at a gun show in Rochester, Minn, I had the opportunity to really handle and look at a Model 8 for the first time. Around a year ago I saw one, but it was in pretty tough shape and I just looked quickly over it. My area where I live, 8/81's are few and far between. I only saw one 81 in my life before I bought my first one. The one I handled today was in the serial range of 10,xxx which according to Henwoods book put a DOB on it of 1908. It was in 35 Rem caliber and was in remarkable condition except for a small part of the Schnabel forearm missing on the right side towards the end. Probably around 1/8" on the end tapering back three inches. The most distracting thing were six (6) plug screws along the left upper side of the receiver. Really distracting. Other than that, looking at the wood grain, color, and finish along with the wood to metal fit was like looking at some of the early pre WW1 03 Springfields. Other than a slight buff here and there, the bluing was deep and blue, no rust scars. Never looked at the bore, but was told it was nice (?). Really a throwback to the quality of workmanship from that era. (Not that there isn't quality in the 81 Models). The seller said he at one time had about every caliber of both models (older gent). Had a price tag of $850 on it but said I could walk out the door with it for $800. The receiver with the six plugs turned me off, if not for them, I might have tried to get him down some more. Don't know if this was a good price with even the plugs, but know of a preWW2 81, 35 Rem for sale that has more of my interest right now. If only the firearm manufacturers made em like this today. All wood, steel, and a lot of TLC in makin them!

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Re: Great Model 8 Handled

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they don't make em like the used to!

Probably won't be your last Model 8 you handle!!
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