* Unique Engraved Model 8

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* Unique Engraved Model 8

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Another beauty from member JACK1653
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Re: * Unique Engraved Model 8

Post by jack1653 »

Hey Guys,

Thanks to 81police for posting the pictures for me. It has been some time since I have purchased any rifles. This year has been rough for me from a health standpoint and I had just lost interest in collecting.

When this rifle appeared on Gun Broker it sparked my interest. I could tell from the pictures on GB that this was not the usual Model 8-D that I had seen. The price was right so I bought it. When I received the rifle, it helped explain why the price was as low as it was. The rifle had been presented to an individual from Chicago as a gift and there is a very nice engraved brass plate inlaid in the stock. I have tried to find some information about the recipient but came up with nothing.

The rifles has been returned to the factory at least 3 times for factory repairs or alterations. The checkering is factory checkered but is not what I have seen on other D grades. The forearm is the early model 81 beaver tail. The forearm screw is definitely a model 81 screw and the receiver for the screw appears to me to be a model 81 on the barrel. The roll marking is a model 8 roll mark but is not listed as one of the several variations in Henwood's book. I will mark this as another variation in my records. The stock is serial numbered to the rifle and is a good example of the round knob pistol grip.

The rifle has some other issues of a minor nature and may explain why the price was lower than expected. The left side of the receiver has been tapped for a scope at some point and the holes have been filled wit Allen screw studs which are too long and interfere with the internal components. This will be an easy fix. There is a Lyman 41 on the rifle and the tiny aperture is missing. This can be replaced. The bolt carrier latch screw appears to be a replacement and is too long so it doesn't seat to the receiver properly. This may be part of the issue that is preventing the bolt release from functioning properly. I haven't quite figured this issue out yet. I can get the bolt to close by pressing the release down from inside, but it won't release in the normal way.

All in all, I am satisfied with the rifle and find the variation to be unusual and a nice addition to my collection. Another example of "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."



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