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Questionable GrF on GB

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:15 am
by Phyrbird
Just completed a sale of what was a very nice grade F(?) rifle on Broker. It has a recoil pad, a Griffin & Howe scope base with no ring mount or scope, and marking on the bolt that was not clear in the photos that could have been engraving.

I bid on the rifle listed as a 81(?). It was clearly a model 8. The screws on the G&F mount had been ground flat with no slots to remove and reblued.
With all the questions I had and few answers in the photos, & the seller said they had little knowledge of our Ladies. I let it go to other bidders. If one of our members won, I would like some clearer pictures of the bolt, the barrel date code, & to know if the numbers match. It was a very odd auction. I have the parts to complete the scope mount and a scope. I just felt a little uncomfortable after the bid went to 2K.