Unaltered Model 8???

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Unaltered Model 8???

Post by uhjohnson »

The seller claims this is an unaltered 2nd year model 8, tell me if I am correct in what I see wrong, all in all it is a nice gun but I don't think it's worth $1,100. The barrel jacket is wrong, i think it should have an 02 or 07 patent date. The magazine as well as the trigger guard should not have any side springs and since it does the trigger guard has to to be milled to accept them, and the rear sight is wrong, i think it should have the 1902 patent line.

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Re: Unaltered Model 8???

Post by Sarge756 »

Somebody musta thought it was "the cats meow" cause it sold.
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Re: Unaltered Model 8???

Post by norm »

Factory repair code on the barrel jacket.

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Re: Unaltered Model 8???

Post by 81police »

Most definitely altered in quite a few ways. The two repair codes could explain some of those however. The wood set has numerous cracks and evidence of light sanding. A reblue as well, though looks to be a nice period reblue taken care of. On so on, and so on, you get the point. Still a decent 8 though!!
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Re: Unaltered Model 8???

Post by Hardrada55 »

I can usually see the clip guides on a Model 8 from a distance, but aren't these clip guides rather rudimentary?
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