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GunBroker Model 8

Post by ice-man1973 »

Did any of us win the beautiful model 8 that just sold on JB for $1800.00? it was mine for about a day! lol

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Re: GunBroker Model 8

Post by 81police »

Didnt see that one!
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Re: GunBroker Model 8

Post by Phyrbird »

Mine too for a couple hours; :cry: :oops: :cry: beautiful restoration.... Too well polished for factory work, but stunning.... ... =554250152

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Re: GunBroker Model 8

Post by Sebastian21 »

I just picked up the engraved model 8. Looks better then shown in photos. Has been restored. Excellent job in general. Not over polished and manufacture marks and engraving is still quite sharp. The recut checking which is very fine (24 lines per inch) is two foot checkering. From two feet it looks perfect but close up it has a lot of cross overs. The quality and fit of wood is excellent. The blue is top notch. For some reason it seems better balanced then my other model 8's. I have 22 model 8's, 81's and FN,s. I shoot about 100 rounds a week through one of them.

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Re: GunBroker Model 8

Post by ranman »

Nice 8! Need some like that here.

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