Heads-Up on 4 M-8s and One M-81 in Fort Worth

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Heads-Up on 4 M-8s and One M-81 in Fort Worth

Post by xtimberman » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:35 pm

The Fort Worth Cabela's must've bought a collection. There were 4 Model-8s (.25, .30, .32, and .35) and a single Model-81 (.30) in the used racks this morning. All were worn, but serviceable and not abused and with a couple having repairable holes from sling swivels on the buttstock. The .25 was priced at $899, the M-81 at $799, and the others were $699. There is a flat 10% off marked used rifle prices through the weekend...that plus Cabela's has always allowed me some dickering over price.

I have two photos of the assemblage on my cell phone. PhotoBucket is currently not cooperating with Photos library on my mac, so I can't post here right now. If anyone wants the pix, shoot me your email or cell# and I'll send them that way. No detail photos - just a couple of the group of 5.

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