25 Remington from 30-30 Winchester

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25 Remington from 30-30 Winchester

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I just recently purchased 100 cases of 25 Remington converted from 30 30 Winchester through a process of hydroforming. I paid $1 per case, the necks/shoulders were annealed, the rims turn down and a cut put at the base for the ejector, I have placed 5 rounds in my model 8 and each ejected by hand, I have not loaded any. Has anyone bought from grumpa and shot any, he also does 30 and 32 Remington. Sorry about the pictures, I used my cell phone and then had to crop them to reduce file size
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Re: 25 Remington from 30-30 Winchester

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I`ve not used any of the 25 because I don`t own an 8 in that caliber YET .However I have loaded and shot the 35Rem that he makes from military 308. No problems with it and expect to reload them several more times. Good to go on the brass he sent me.
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Re: 25 Remington from 30-30 Winchester

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I have loaded both 30 and 32 Remington brass from grumpa for my model 8's with great success. I spent more time on the 32 Remington and worked up an accurate load that functioned perfectly and even managed to harvest two whitetails with it this fall. I have not worked up the 25 remington loads yet, but expect the same great results. If it can save you some trial and error, I had no luck in the 32 or 35 loads using cast lead bullets. The ogive was wrong in both cases and jammed up into the rifling. Hornady and Speer bullets worked perfectly.

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Re: 25 Remington from 30-30 Winchester

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Not only do those 25Rem get Hydroformed, but so do the other 2 Rem cases I do. Here's a link to a thread I made on most of the process. Notice I said most....on the 25Rem I reduce the neck diameter first before Hydroforming, which is a must do.

http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthr ... -the-25Rem

Anyone that's used those never had a problem with them. There's some fed back from folks on a thread I have just for the Rem cases I do.

http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthr ... 0Rem-32Rem

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