She's a head turner

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She's a head turner

Post by gramps35 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:57 pm

My son and I went to the range yesterday before the Super Bowl. Every time someone came into the rifle area they had to ask about my Model 8. "What is that?" "How old is it?" "Does it shoot alright?" I spent just as much time showing it off as I did shooting it. I even let an old timer who said his dad had one long ago shoot a magazine through her in return for letting my son shoot his .45-70.

Not that I'm complaining, I like showing her off and proving a hundred and two year old rifle can shoot just as well as the more modern rifles. They don't make them like that anymore.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

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Re: She's a head turner

Post by bigskybound » Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:00 pm

Hasn't happened with a Model 8 yet (though my first one is on the way as I type this), but my fullstocked Husqvarna sporting rolling blocks get the same reaction. :D

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