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Re: Your First Model 8......

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Mine was a 1918 vintage Model 8 in .30 that had a Marble's peep sight on it that I purchased in 1994. Some guy had three for sale at a gunshow I went to that Summer and I thought they were fascinating looking guns. I was getting Gun List by mail back then and so researched the asking prices for 8s and 81s for a while. Then, I resolved to try to purchase the next one I ran into. Went to the gunshow in Abilene and scoped out some boxes of .30 Remington ammo and a Model 8. Took them all home. Saw a book on Remington Autoloaders by a guy named Henwood being advertised in the Gun List so I bought that too. And off we went...
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Re: Your First Model 8......

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I got my first one when my Grandfather died in 1960. It was a 35 Rem. I never recorded the serial number but he had it for many years. I hunted with that rifle for 35 years until I broke it traveling through the woods on my ATV. I would still be using it if that had not happened. It was a reliable rifle that never failed me no matter what the weather was. There was not a trace of bluing left on it. No rust or pitting. Broke my heart.

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Re: Your First Model 8......

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My first Model 8: a straight-grip of 1909-vintage, chambered for .35 Remington, that I purchased back in 1987. The owner of the shop I got it from told me he'd had it since the early '50s when he opened. Now passing the century mark and the years are beginning to show, but it still holds better than 80% finish and has never failed me. My first choice for hunting for 20+ years and still counting! 8-)



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