1909 Model 8 precision

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1909 Model 8 precision

Post by johnski » Sat Oct 03, 2015 6:22 pm

Just thought I'd throw this out there....

So I got to the range yesterday to retest my 1909 Model 8 after fitting a new extractor. That was working fine, no issues. So using Hornady Leverevolution 200gr FTX’s (I don’t really have time now for load workup), I got the front sight drifted to center shots with the Lyman aperture ($75! Good find!), then folded that & flipped up the rear leaf & got that centered up. I read somewhere for this rifle, the factory spec was 3” group @ 100yds, but I realistically expect just to keep them in a 9” plate. Which it did; uniform dispersion of 15 shots all within 9” with either the peep or the buckhorn sight… that’s a full freezer all day long!

I was going to put it away, but then figured I might as well just see what it does at 200yds. I’d expect about an 18” dispersion, & maybe lower center of shots…. assuming I could even see the plate that far w/ the irons. As it turns out, The front sight pretty much covers a 2’X3’ sheet, but for a little sliver of white target showing on each side & the top of the sight, guestimating that the center of the sight is on the center of the plate. I fired the last 5 rounds & didn’t even scope it, just walked down there, since I was done.

And then I saw this group. If someone tried to tell me this story I woulda called bullshit. Even if you don’t toss out the 2 extremes due to a 12mph wind from 10’oclock, I think this is still pretty respectable for 106yr old technology! Especially for a long action with a reciprocating barrel & all the slop needed to make that work!
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Re: 1909 Model 8 precision

Post by 81police » Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:29 am

That is a crazy good shooting! Like you said, especially from a 100+ year old long-recoil rifle! Thanks for sharing the photo, hope to see more in the future...especially if you bag a deer please share it with us :D
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Re: 1909 Model 8 precision

Post by Sarge756 » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:18 pm

For sure that is good shooting. Makes me want to give some extended range shooting with mine a try but the old eyes havn`t gotten any younger so the iron sights with even the tang or peep probably would be too challenging. I `m not surprised with how well this Model 8 shot. Think they are underestimated for accuracy. Couple years back when I bought Matt`s "D" grade in 35 Remington we spent an afternoon at the range. The original post link is below. I apologize again for the oversized photos but this was proof positive that these rifles can be shooters in the right hands and eyes. I`m headed to our hunt camp on the Savannah River next weekend and will be taking that rifle with me for some of the hogs that have invaded the property. Hope I`ll have a photo or two to post later of results.


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