Top and bottom butt plate tangs

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Top and bottom butt plate tangs

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I didn't want to post the auction on the site but no matter what I tried to get a screenshot to upload the file was still too big.
Was this butt plate offered by Remington or was it an aftermarket butt plate with the stock modified ... =501954200
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Re: Top and bottom butt plate tangs

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It's likely non-factory. But you never know. I checked my Remington 8 "Bible" by Henwood. During this period 1909 they did not have a metal butt plate. They used a hard rubber butt plate up through about 1920 or so. Beginning around 1910 there were steel butt plates with bottom tangs. Through the twentys you could also find model 8's with steel butt plates with tangs at the top. Then in the thirtys remington came out with steel butt plate with a lower tang and non-slip grooves across the plate. It should be noted however on page 48 of his book Mr Henwood states, ""A few model 8's have been reported with factory fitted butt plates having both top and bottom tangs. Over the years Remington seems to have used up odd lots of buttplates on the model 8, as a number of slightly differing steel plates have been reported, generaly on rifles made prior to 1920.
Most post-1910 model 8's were fitted with a rifle-style steel plate having the tang onm the bottom which made sense since the toe of the stock is thinner and thus more delicate then the heel, and the bottom tang acted as a reinforcement. In March 1921 this bottom-tang rifle-style steel buttplate became standard, and no other buttplate options (other then recoil pads) were available on
standard grade rifles.""
So my guess is that is not a factory buttplate. Its noted in the written description of the rifle on the auction site, its stated that the buttplate is non factory.

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