Importance of takedown washer

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Importance of takedown washer

Post by johnski » Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:32 pm

My 8 was missing the takedown lever & that spacer washer underneath when I bought it. No biggie; I drew up a new lever as measured from a buddy's 8 & had it laser cut from 1/8" stainless.

As for that spacer washer that orientates the lever to swing straight down when tightened, I used a feeler gauge to get close to the thickness required (on mine, something in the ballpark of 0.018 to 0.021").

On assembly, it became obvious WHY the lever must swing straight down: just as you pull the forearm from a break action shotgun, the 1st instinct is to unscrew the forearm screw on the 8, then pivot the forearm down & away about the receiver. If the lever doesn't swing in the same direction, the wafer-thin forearm can split from a tiny amount of force! (I was lucky to notice this BEFORE it happened.)

Now, this washer isn't needed as long as you remember to pull the forearm off towards the muzzle, BUT you only have to forget once!

Maybe this is common knowledge, but I thought it worth a post.

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Re: Importance of takedown washer

Post by In The Ten Ring » Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:48 pm

Oh thanks man! I haven't taken my Rem's apart yet but I plan on it.

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