Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

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Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

Post by 81police »

Hey fellas, we uploaded a new video on TheGreatModel8 Youtube channel. We tested some early Remington claims that their 35Rem 200gr. soft point will penetrate 1/4" and 5/16" mild (presumably) steel. :D :D :D

P.S. Thanks to Bob & Jeff (S and S HUNTCLUB) for supplying the test ammo!
Cam Woodall
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Re: Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

Post by jack1653 »

Hey 81police,

Congratulations on another fine video. My first reaction was from the line in the "Christmas Story", "Be careful, you'll shoot your eye out!" I know the bullet went all the way through the steel, but upon close examination of the bullet hole, was it a clean burn through or jagged, not that it make any difference? It is no wonder these old spring poles had tremendous knock down power. The ad's were very good and I enjoyed them.



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Re: Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

Post by Roger »

Hey Cam, what a great video! I'm truly impressed with the performance of that old ammunition. Thanks a bunch to our friends at SandS hunt club,Jeff @ Bob. I always wondered if those old ads were actually true. Now I know they were true. These old rifles that we all love so much are just as deadly today as they were in 1906. This makes me all that more anxious to go deer hunting this year, so I can once again use them for the real purpose they were intended for.
Thanks for your great work,

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Re: Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

Post by rem81auto »

Hi Cam, great video and tks to the S&S guys too. Dennis

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Re: Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

Post by Sarge756 »

Cam, enjoyed the video. Several years back I did some experiments with armor plate while designing protection for the target bases and equipment on our departments range. We were shooting 308 Winchester and the final plate that would turn the bullet was 1/2 inch thick steel positioned at a 45 degree angle. The ammo was ball military with full metal jacket. If the plate was shot straight on it went through it like butter. The jacket was peeled off like a banana and only the core made it through. From your video you can note the sparks on impact that result from the intense frictional heat and the pass through of the bullet. We did not shoot any softpoint. Just wondered in the rounds that you shot did the jacket make it through also?
You have illustrated what most of us that shoot are aware of. The terms that are thrown around by the media about "armor piercing bullets" applies to just about all of the center-fire rifle ammo on the market. Shhhh! Don`t tell D.C.
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Re: Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

Post by S and S HUNTCLUB »

Very nicely done Cam. That old 35 Rem. UMC ammunition seemed to really take care of business. The 35 Rem. caliber is my personal favorite round in the Model 8's & 81's. It really does the job in the thick timber & cedar swamps where I do most of my whitetail hunting. In my opinion, the heavy 200 grain bullets are the ticket for hunting in the new growth sapling areas too, as the bigger surface area of the 200 grain bullet seems to power through the brush, verses the 150 grain pointed soft points, that could more easily be deflected. As your video shows, if it punches through the steel, it will power through the brush as well.

The Michigan whitetail deer season started this morning for archery (October 1st.) and the shotgun/rifle season, starts on November 15th. I am getting very excited about this season. I'll be in my stand bright and early on opening morning, with my FN 1900, locked and loaded with 200 Grain 35 Rems! Deer camp is a great time for making memories with family & friends and shooting the vintage 8's & 81's!

Great video Cam & thanks for taking the time to make the video and post it for everyone to see!

Enjoy Life, Bob @ S and S HUNTCLUB

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Re: Remington Model 8 vs STEEL!!

Post by DWalt »

Some of you may remember the KTW "cop-killer" ammo controversy back in the 1970s. KTW was a group of three guys from, I think, Toledo OH, who had developed a metal penetrating bullet design they attempted to market to law enforcement agencies. The initial KTW bullets were jacketed tungsten alloy cores coated with Teflon, and they loaded a number of calibers, mainly handgun, with their bullets. But they did also load a .35 Remington round. I think they used the same bullet that they used for the .38 Special and .357 Magnum. I remember seeing their advertising displays at the old OGCA shows when they were held in Columbus, one of which was, as I remember, a 1/2" steel plate (maybe it was even thicker than 1/2") neatly penetrated by a KTW bullet fired from a .35 Remington rifle. They had a sign on that plate said something like "You can now use your hunting rifle to knock out a tank."

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