Finally got to shoot the old girl!

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Finally got to shoot the old girl!

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Hey everyone, long time to post.

So I took my son and the rifle to the range a couple of weeks back. Since he never shot a rifle before, I got him started on a old Marlin Model 60 22LR I picked up at a pawn shop. I let him put a hundred rounds or so through that so he could get his breathing and control down. He picked it up quick and was shooting pretty good groups at fifty yards with no scope.

Then we went to the 50 yard centerfire side of the range. I pulled my Mod8 out of the case, loaded up five rounds and silently prayed it would fire (it hadn't been fired in over ten years according to my father). Did she ever! It's been a while since I had fired a large caliber rifle, but I did manage to get three rounds on paper out of that first magazine while standing and using the rear site. I was surprised at the little recoil too. I was expecting more. My main problem is the fact I shoot left handed and the rifle is right handed so I had spent cartridges coming back in my face. Not really that big of deal.

My son once again shot better than I did. Of the 20 rounds he fired, 14 were grouped nicely between the bullseye and second ring out. I know only fourteen made it on paper, he missed three and three FTF on us.

It was great to find out the ol' girl still shot accurately. Now I just need to find some more ammo and get some more range time in.

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