Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

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Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by 81police »

I'm posting this for Philip Gilbert who wanted to share his Model 8 story with you guys...
I was working in a scrap yard when I found half of what I thought was a military rifle from the early 1900's. I was estimating it was used from 1900 or 1910 to 1930, as I recognized the magazine from some picture I had seen in a book. I had no intention of restoring the rifle, but I did intend to bring it home and clean it up a little to be a wall hanger. I took pictures of the rusted hulk and posted them on Facebook to show my WWII reenactor friends, and a couple people told me that it was a Model 8, and posted a link to I read up on the piece from the site and contacted Cam Woodall to do research on the piece. As it turned out, I had found the complete receiver end of a 1913 Remington Model 8 in .35Rem. The rounded knob on the stock has about 63 notches cut into it, presumed to indicate a kill count. I researched more, as I knew nothing about these rifles, and I purchased new (well, original) parts to replace broken parts and parts to replace those missing, and refinished my stock and re-blued the metal parts. Of course, it drives me crazy that the fore-end of a Model 8 with the same serial number as mine is lying around somewhere. But, I restored my rifle, and am going to take it to a gunsmith to make sure it is in firing condition, and I look forward to obtaining a rear-sight and taking it to the range.

Pictures provided by Philip,





Fantastic story Philip!
Cam Woodall
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Re: Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by rem81auto »

WOOOOOOOW, what a transformation. Philip you did a great job bringing the rifle back to life. :D

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Re: Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by kenhwind »

There was a rear sight for sale, just checked and its not there. I hope this fella got it.

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Re: Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by imfuncity »

OUTstanding!! Great job. I've got one that ... :D

Can't wait to here how it shoots.
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Re: Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by jack1653 »

Hey Phillip,

Welcome to the forum. That is one fine restoration and I am sure you are proud of the results. A true labor of love. I don't think I would have tried it myself given your description and original pictures. Truely remarkable.

What year was your rifle made? Good Luck in finding what you need.


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Re: Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by sting75ray »

If only that rifle could talk. Great job.

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Re: Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by sighthound »

Like the legendary Phoenix that rose from ashes, you are to be commended for restoring these "ashes" to a new viable bird that will live on and on. Congratulations on a fine example of the labor of love. Jerry

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Re: Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by Gilbert1342 »

Hello all,

It's Philip, the one who did the work on the rifle that Cam posted the story and pictures of. I finally found time to get on here and post a reply, as I've been busy with college and such things. Thanks for the compliments--I'm glad you all enjoyed my story. :) I got it to a gunsmith and got his go-ahead to shoot it, so naturally I went shooting. Someone expressed interest in seeing how it shoots, so here ya go-- . I think this video is from the second time I took it shooting. In the year and a half it's been fireable I've only put 60 rounds through it.

I still don't have a rear sight so I can't comment on the accuracy. I'm hoping to someday purchase a peep sight, but I don't have the time or money at the moment. :|

Someone asked about the year it was made. The serial number on the receiver denotes late 1913, and the serial number on the shroud I bought denotes 1928. All but a few parts in the receiver end are the ones I found, and all those serial numbers match.

Again, I'm glad you all enjoyed my little story, and thanks for the compliments.


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Re: Model 8 - Back fom the dead!

Post by Roger »

Wow,what a great job! I sometimes do what I call low impact refurbishing work on my guns if they're in bad enuf shape but I'very never even seen a gun in that bad of shape ,let alone attempt to restore it. You can surely be proud. And I personally want to thank you for saving a model 8. It probably sounds twisted to some of you but they're more than just guns to me. I know it's a form of addiction but it's just too much fun playing with my guns. Sorry to ramble on. Great work!
Thanks for your time

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