A Saga of three of our Ladies

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A Saga of three of our Ladies

Post by Phyrbird »

This is a tale of 3 Ladies; a Dowager, The Queen, and the Comtessa. I thought our group might enjoy the fortunate coincidences that brought them together.
Starting with a few photos to whet the curiosity.
Our 3 ladies meeting ;)
IMG_20200706_194851.jpg (136 KiB) Viewed 762 times
The middle is the Dowager of Tattooed Lady fame from some of my earlier posts. :arrow:
IMG_20200706_194915.jpg (130.84 KiB) Viewed 762 times
IMG_20200706_194923.jpg (85.74 KiB) Viewed 762 times
The top is a Queen (of the Duchy of Safe) recently arrived for a extended stay from Maine.
The bottom in the Pic is also of the same domain, a Comtessa.
Two of these ladies have seen service in the alphabet governmental organizations. Unfortunately the Comtessa could not stay but a few days. She has moved on to a new home in the Northeast. I was astounded at the perfect complexion (95% or better :mrgreen: ) of both of these Ladies. :D They bear marks and scars of their service, but are real beauties. I draw your attention to the sights. :geek: Having entered service in '41 I think they have been cared for with great respect. I expect to hear more from the northeast as I heard the Comtessa has arrived safely.
More of the saga and Pics as time permits. 8-)
P.S> I think it turns out these are previously unknown service veterans, I have word from a database keeper.

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Re: A Saga of three of our Ladies

Post by 81police »

HAHA! Your two rifles from "alphabet governmental organizations" are beauties! If only we had stories from the men who have peeked down their sights what tales we would have! Thanks for sharing. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: A Saga of three of our Ladies

Post by Hibby83 »

Three beautiful ladies with history! As Cameron said, if only they could talk!

It's hard to believe these ladies "service rifles" flew under the radar! Sometimes you get lucky.

Here's an auction photo of the one "as Phyrbird eloquently named it Contessa" that made it's way to the commonwealth after a long journey. I'll be posting some photo's once she's been relieved of old grime and varnished lubricant.

There is definitely more to follow with this saga, I must get back to work.
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Re: A Saga of three of our Ladies

Post by Bandersnatch »

Some true beauties. :)
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